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  mark 5d6c554942 Add ALQ3F12 footprint 3 years ago
  mark 4bca27f85e Add note about fork 3 years ago
  evanshultz 9087003af3 Infineon qfn64 (#1666) 3 years ago
  Stefan e73b1a3204
Merge pull request #1648 from evanshultz/lt347x-dfn10 3 years ago
  Cristian Sandu 1f97b2faaf Increase hole size to 1.3mm (#1667) 3 years ago
  jhalmen 3260221142 update Hirose DF63 connector series (#1649) 3 years ago
  nivekg eb9f7cfa37 added Texas_S-PVQFN-N16_EP2.1x2.1mm footprint (#1641) 3 years ago
  Frank Severinsen 26b8b518ce added FFC molex series 502231 (#1636) 3 years ago
  fauxpark 6015d7b7b8 Add SOP-24_7.5x15.4mm_P1.27mm (#1640) 3 years ago
  Hendrik v. Raven 218a42996f add LFCSP-20-1EP_4x4mm_P0.5mm_EP2.6x2.6mm (#1653) 3 years ago
  Antonio Vazquez eeedac22f3 Package_DFN_QFN: Add Texas R-PVQFN-N24 (#1460) 3 years ago
  evanshultz 140e2db4b1 Add Linear/ADI DD DFN-10 package 3 years ago
  evanshultz cf46b2f4a7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 3 years ago
  Frank Severinsen ecbbd4f825 fixing partnumber of Slimstack 52991 connectors (#1642) 3 years ago
  Michael Bemmerl 07096d0e06 Fix pad orientation of SW_Push_1P1T_NO_CK_KMR2 (#1593) 3 years ago
  Frank Severinsen 029f845ebb added QFN-72 (#1632) 3 years ago
  Stefan f6e6f5becf Scripted TDK SLF series inductors (#1021) 3 years ago
  Jacob E. F. Overgaard 53de0112a4 Add Linear Technology (Analog devices) MSOP-16 footprints (#1349) 3 years ago
  Tobias Müller 3e2bb37c46 Add LQFP-64-1EP_10x10mm_P0.5mm_EP5x5mm (#1461) 3 years ago
  Rene Pöschl 8af5304f6e Fix courtyard clearances for scripted no lead footprints with pull back pins (#1630) 3 years ago
  Alexander Ransmann 574d8a7bc5 Add VQFN-16-1EP_3x3mm_P0.5mm_EP1.6x1.6mm_ThermalVias (#1605) 3 years ago
  fauxpark c1b35f3be5 Add QFN-40 footprint for IS31FL3736/7 (#1625) 3 years ago
  blackvladimir 97b79f27e9 added L_Bourns_SRN8040TA (#1628) 3 years ago
  Mikkel Jeppesen 48aa1705d5 Added Palconn UTC16-G connector (#789) 3 years ago
  Antonio Vazquez 0cade04ba4 Package_SO: Add SOIC 8 5.257x5.275 (#1601) 3 years ago
  Xathar 5a3cef570c Added NXP_LGA-8 for MPL3115A2 (#1607) 3 years ago
  Hendrik v. Raven 5e297e49f1 add Mini-Circuits XX112 SO package (#1062) 3 years ago
  Hendrik v. Raven ea050ac879 add SMA jack Amphenol 132203-12 (#1456) 3 years ago
  Antonio Vazquez 871439a43f Converter_ACDC: Add TMG 15 series (#1603) 3 years ago
  Asuki Kono 06b793008a Add molex EDGELOCK (#1054) 3 years ago
  Oliver d6e3934b12 Abracon ASPI-0630LR inductor (#1503) 3 years ago
  Hendrik v. Raven 8528084b2d Mentor 4 way lightpipes 1276.1004 and 1276.2004 (#1429) 3 years ago
  Hendrik v. Raven 959416fbc5 add E-Switch 800U in M6 variant (#1454) 3 years ago
  Hendrik v. Raven 0370d608c1 add footprint for E-Switch TL1250 (#1438) 3 years ago
  Paweł Pielorz 47ab73ab29 Added TI SWRA416 PCB antenna footprint (#1562) 3 years ago
  Stefan a8f8921a86 Added DIP-8-16 foot print (#1352) 3 years ago
  valerio\new fdfdc0e353 Added ST_VL53L*X (#1621) 3 years ago
  fauxpark ab46e7d379 Add QFN-28-1EP_4x4mm_P0.4mm_EP2.3x2.3mm (#1620) 3 years ago
  valerio\new 6be75c907b Added BatteryHolder_Keystone_3002 (#1622) 3 years ago
  Frank Severinsen 1217102195 added scripted Texas_S-PX2QFN-14 (#1611) 3 years ago
  Oliver 481109f3c0 Added HUSON-3 diode footprint (#1598) 3 years ago
  Hendrik v. Raven 457a6a51de add AD cp-32-2 footprint for LFCSP-32 package (#1426) 3 years ago
  Ilya Elenskiy b29a09cb87 Add LTST-S326 series right-angle LEDs (#1338) 3 years ago
  Patrick Pelletier 7d104b1129 SJ1-3535NG stereo 3.5mm audio jack with switch (#1262) 3 years ago
  Jayesh Vora 4085e10139 Create footprint for C&K switch PTS125SM43SMTR2-LFS (#1495) 3 years ago
  evanshultz 2acccd9db2 Add ADI CP-48-5 footprint (#1530) 3 years ago
  evanshultz 3ef38a775f Add Murata MGJ3 footprint (#1591) 3 years ago
  evanshultz 95c2186c73 Add Bourns CD-DF4xxS footprint (#1567) 3 years ago
  evanshultz 748a79cf0e Add Texas DRB (#1581) 3 years ago
  evanshultz 99fdda8599 SOIC 7.5x5.85mm (Texas DWV) footprint (#1595) 3 years ago