a fork of github:kicad/kicad-footprints so I can add/manage my own footprint files
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mark 5d6c554942 Add ALQ3F12 footprint 2 年前
.github Request contributors to give reasons for rule violations 2 年前
Battery.pretty Added BatteryHolder_Keystone_3002 (#1622) 2 年前
Button_Switch_Keyboard.pretty Fix Cherry and Matias keyswitch Fab line thickness (#1376) 2 年前
Button_Switch_SMD.pretty Fix pad orientation of SW_Push_1P1T_NO_CK_KMR2 (#1593) 2 年前
Button_Switch_THT.pretty Increase hole size to 1.3mm (#1667) 2 年前
Buzzer_Beeper.pretty Add CUI CPT-9019S (#1147) 2 年前
CMakeModules Add install/uninstall capability using CMake. 3 年前
Calibration_Scale.pretty Remove illegal char from tag fields 3 年前
Capacitor_SMD.pretty Merge pull request #1032 from evanshultz/c-polar-smd 3 年前
Capacitor_THT.pretty Fixed 3D model directory 3 年前
Capacitor_Tantalum_SMD.pretty Fix some further mistakes for two terminal smd 3 年前
Connector.pretty add SFP/SFP+ connector and cage (#1214) 2 年前
Connector_AMASS.pretty Changed pitch in the name of footprint MR30PW 2 年前
Connector_Audio.pretty SJ1-3535NG stereo 3.5mm audio jack with switch (#1262) 2 年前
Connector_BarrelJack.pretty Add wuerth electronics barrel jack connector footprint (#636) 3 年前
Connector_Card.pretty Merge pull request #862 from evanshultz/5638 2 年前
Connector_Coaxial.pretty add SMA jack Amphenol 132203-12 (#1456) 2 年前
Connector_DIN.pretty Fix pin numbers of DIN connectors to fit symbols 3 年前
Connector_Dsub.pretty Fixed 3D model for Connector_xxx libraries 3 年前
Connector_FFC-FPC.pretty added FFC molex series 502231 (#1636) 2 年前
Connector_HDMI.pretty Update and rename HDMI_A_Plug_Contact_Technology_HDMI-19APL2_Horizontal.kicad_mod to HDMI_A_Contact_Technology_HDMI-19APL2_Horizontal.kicad_mod 3 年前
Connector_Harwin.pretty Rename connectors to remove M20 series 2 年前
Connector_Hirose.pretty update Hirose DF63 connector series (#1649) 2 年前
Connector_IDC.pretty Fix vertical IDC header courtyard lines 3 年前
Connector_JAE.pretty Connector JAE (LY20): differentiate pin 1 (round rect) 3 年前
Connector_JST.pretty Correct JST MPNs (#1238) 2 年前
Connector_Molex.pretty fixing partnumber of Slimstack 52991 connectors (#1642) 2 年前
Connector_Multicomp.pretty Fixed 3D model for Connector_xxx libraries 3 年前
Connector_PCBEdge.pretty Add molex EDGELOCK (#1054) 2 年前
Connector_Phoenix_GMSTB.pretty Connector Phoenix: Use roundrect for pin 1 3 年前
Connector_Phoenix_MC.pretty Connector Phoenix: Use roundrect for pin 1 3 年前
Connector_Phoenix_MC_HighVoltage.pretty Connector Phoenix: Use roundrect for pin 1 3 年前
Connector_Phoenix_MSTB.pretty Connector Phoenix: Use roundrect for pin 1 3 年前
Connector_Pin.pretty Fix fab line thickness 2 年前
Connector_PinHeader_1.00mm.pretty Fixed 3D model for Connector_xxx libraries 3 年前
Connector_PinHeader_1.27mm.pretty Fixed 3D model for Connector_xxx libraries 3 年前
Connector_PinHeader_2.00mm.pretty Fixed 3D model for Connector_xxx libraries 3 年前
Connector_PinHeader_2.54mm.pretty Fixed 3D model for Connector_xxx libraries 3 年前
Connector_PinSocket_1.00mm.pretty Fixed 3D model for Connector_xxx libraries 3 年前
Connector_PinSocket_1.27mm.pretty Fixed 3D model for Connector_xxx libraries 3 年前
Connector_PinSocket_2.00mm.pretty Fixed 3D model for Connector_xxx libraries 3 年前
Connector_PinSocket_2.54mm.pretty Fixed 3D model for Connector_xxx libraries 3 年前
Connector_RJ.pretty Add shield pads (#1390) 2 年前
Connector_SATA_SAS.pretty Fixing courtyard 3 年前
Connector_Samtec.pretty Adding Samtec_FMC_ASP-134602-01_10x40_P0.5mm_Vertical (#768) 3 年前
Connector_Samtec_HLE_SMD.pretty Adding missing 50 pins per row HLE connectors 3 年前
Connector_Samtec_HLE_THT.pretty Use rounded rectangle pins for pad 1 in THT version 3 年前
Connector_Stocko.pretty fix dimension (#1430) 2 年前
Connector_TE-Connectivity.pretty Mate n lok 350211 1 (#967) 2 年前
Connector_USB.pretty Added Palconn UTC16-G connector (#789) 2 年前
Connector_Wago.pretty Connector Wago: Convert to rounded rectangle for pad 1 3 年前
Connector_Wire.pretty More filename fixes 3 年前
Converter_ACDC.pretty Converter_ACDC: Add TMG 15 series (#1603) 2 年前
Converter_DCDC.pretty Add Murata MGJ3 footprint (#1591) 2 年前
Crystal.pretty Crystal: Add Abracon ABS25 4Pin 8.0x3.8mm (#1270) 2 年前
Diode_SMD.pretty Add Bourns CD-DF4xxS footprint (#1567) 2 年前
Diode_THT.pretty Add 3.81mm lead spacing tht diode footprints (#766) 3 年前
Display.pretty Added Adafruit SSD1306 display with and without mounting holes (#388) 3 年前
Display_7Segment.pretty Merge pull request #1246 from kajusK/7seg 2 年前
Ferrite_THT.pretty Add LairdTech_28C0236-0JW-10 Ferrite bead (#1040) 2 年前
Fiducial.pretty IPC conformal fiducials - update (#1186) 2 年前
Filter.pretty Fix silk line thicknesses 2 年前
Fuse.pretty Added data sheet links to a number of fuse foot prints and renamed one fuse foot print (#1295) 2 年前
Heatsink.pretty add Fischer FK244_13_D2_PAK SMD heatsink (#1217) 2 年前
Inductor_SMD.pretty Scripted TDK SLF series inductors (#1021) 2 年前
Inductor_THT.pretty Add Murata 1200RS inductor footprint (#1472) 2 年前
Jumper.pretty Use parent FP zone connection on rect pads (#1440) 2 年前
LED_SMD.pretty Add LTST-S326 series right-angle LEDs (#1338) 2 年前
LED_THT.pretty Create LED_VCCLite_5381H7_6.35x6.35mm.kicad_mod 3 年前
Module.pretty vertical centered; Fab layer 2 年前
MountingEquipment.pretty MountingEquipment: moving DIN Rail adapter (#1252) 2 年前
MountingHole.pretty MountingEquipment: moving DIN Rail adapter (#1252) 2 年前
NetTie.pretty Delete NetTie-3_THT_1.0mm.kicad_mod 3 年前
Obsolete/Fiducial IPC conformal fiducials - update (#1186) 2 年前
OptoDevice.pretty Mentor 4 way lightpipes 1276.1004 and 1276.2004 (#1429) 2 年前
Oscillator.pretty Fix courtyard clearances for scripted no lead footprints with pull back pins (#1630) 2 年前
Package_BGA.pretty adds footprints for Xilinx Zynq-7000 BGAs (#1596) 2 年前
Package_CSP.pretty add LFCSP-20-1EP_4x4mm_P0.5mm_EP2.6x2.6mm (#1653) 2 年前
Package_DFN_QFN.pretty Infineon qfn64 (#1666) 2 年前
Package_DIP.pretty Added DIP-8-16 foot print (#1352) 2 年前
Package_DirectFET.pretty Fix 3D path 4 年前
Package_LCC.pretty Fix PLCC 32 (original had wrong pin layout) 3 年前
Package_LGA.pretty Fix courtyard clearances for scripted no lead footprints with pull back pins (#1630) 2 年前
Package_QFP.pretty Add LQFP-64-1EP_10x10mm_P0.5mm_EP5x5mm (#1461) 2 年前
Package_SIP.pretty Fixed silk line thickness 2 年前
Package_SO.pretty Add SOP-24_7.5x15.4mm_P1.27mm (#1640) 2 年前
Package_SON.pretty Fix courtyard clearances for scripted no lead footprints with pull back pins (#1630) 2 年前
Package_SO_J-Lead.pretty Add footprint for Maxim Integrated TSOC-6 (#1248) 2 年前
Package_TO_SOT_SMD.pretty Add TI TO-PMOD-11 / NDY0011A (#1532) 2 年前
Package_TO_SOT_THT.pretty Fix TO-92 Flat (was mirrored plus KLC errors) (#1256) 2 年前
Potentiometer_SMD.pretty Add Bourns TC33X SMD potentiometer (#1169) 2 年前
Potentiometer_THT.pretty Add 9 mm Alpha vertical pots (#1388) 2 年前
RF.pretty Add skyworks dfn 6. (#1289) 2 年前
RF_Antenna.pretty Added TI SWRA416 PCB antenna footprint (#1562) 2 年前
RF_Converter.pretty Added DC4759J5020AHF. (#1281) 2 年前
RF_GPS.pretty Added SIM28ML footprint (#1355) 2 年前
RF_GSM.pretty Footprint for Quectel BC66 (#1219) 2 年前
RF_Mini-Circuits.pretty Moving mini circuits footprints out of Package_SO lib (#1339) 2 年前
RF_Module.pretty RF_Module: Fix issues of HOPERF_RFM9XW_THT (#1346) (#1347) 2 年前
RF_Shielding.pretty Fix KLC errors 3 年前
RF_WiFi.pretty Add RF_WiFi folder and footprint support of USR-C322 3MBps WiFi module 2 年前
Relay_SMD.pretty fix pin numbering for Omron G6S-2, -2F, and -2G DPDT relays (#1563) 2 年前
Relay_THT.pretty Add ALQ3F12 footprint 2 年前
Resistor_SMD.pretty Vishay WSR2/3 footprint (#888) 2 年前
Resistor_THT.pretty Fix courtyard for scripted resistor footprints 3 年前
Rotary_Encoder.pretty added Alps EC11 and EC12 rotary encoder footprints (#288) 3 年前
Sensor.pretty Changed pin 1 into a rectangle 2 年前
Sensor_Audio.pretty Add Infineon PG-LLGA-5-1 microphone (#989) 2 年前
Sensor_Current.pretty Rename SIP-3 Packages in Sensor_Current (#1072) 2 年前
Sensor_Motion.pretty Move InvenSense QFN footprints to Sensor_Motion 3 年前
Sensor_Pressure.pretty Added honeywell 40PCxxxG1A 3 年前
Sensor_Voltage.pretty Create Sensor_Voltage for LEM LV 25-P (#714) 3 年前
Socket.pretty Update 16-pin Textool socket to match all the others. (#1319) 2 年前
Sources Add Coilcraft LPS5030 (plus freecad source) (#1340) 2 年前
Symbol.pretty KiCad Logos: New naming convention (#1312) 2 年前
TerminalBlock.pretty TerminalBlock: Fix Wuerth spelling 3 年前
TerminalBlock_4Ucon.pretty Round entries in documentation fields 3 年前
TerminalBlock_Altech.pretty Add Ak300 terminal block series (#1155) 2 年前
TerminalBlock_Dinkle.pretty Added Dinkle scripted footprints for DT-55 Terminal Block (#395) 3 年前
TerminalBlock_MetzConnect.pretty Round entries in documentation fields 3 年前
TerminalBlock_Philmore.pretty Round entries in documentation fields 3 年前
TerminalBlock_Phoenix.pretty PSTM -1MP in SMD package names (#1142) 2 年前
TerminalBlock_RND.pretty Round entries in documentation fields 3 年前
TerminalBlock_TE-Connectivity.pretty Increase silkscreen offset 3 年前
TerminalBlock_WAGO.pretty Round entries in documentation fields 3 年前
TestPoint.pretty New 2 pad testpoint for Multimeter (#1042) 2 年前
Transformer_SMD.pretty Fix courtyard and silkscreen 2 年前
Transformer_THT.pretty Create WE 750343373 (#1465) 2 年前
Valve.pretty Fixed 3D model offset 3 年前
Varistor.pretty Varistor: Add a 4.9 width version (#1305) 2 年前
.gitattributes Update .gitattributes 4 年前
.gitignore Added .gitignore file 4 年前
.travis.yml use python 3 for travis checks 2 年前
CMakeLists.txt Specify NONE language for cmake 3 年前
LICENSE.md Update LICENSE.md 4 年前
README.md Add note about fork 2 年前
TODO.md Update TODO.md 3 年前
fp-lib-table Merge pull request #1154 from CyberTales/USR-C322 2 年前


My fork!

This is my personal fork of the kicad footprints libraries repo.

This way I can add custom footprints to stuff and keep them all together.

Current list of custom footprints:

  • None yet.

KiCad Footprint Libraries

This repository contains the official KiCad footprint libraries.

The libraries in this repository are intended to be used with KiCad version 5 or with a nightly that supports rounded rectangle and polygon pads.

Each footprint library is stored as a directory with the .pretty suffix. The footprint files are .kicad_mod files within

Weekly builds can be found at https://kicad.github.io/footprints

Contribution guidelines can be found at http://kicad-pcb.org/libraries/contribute The library convention can be found at http://kicad-pcb.org/libraries/klc/

Other KiCad library repositories are located: