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mdszy's fork

This is a fork of github:Lynnesbian/mstdn-ebooks.

This is for my own use and therefore might remove features you want. Use lynne's version if you want some of the things that I mention I removed below.


  • Mostly code improvements, cleanup, removing redundant stuff and making pylint not scream at every line.
  • Don't keep config.json in the repository to avoid committing authentication keys.
  • Don't spawn an extra process to generate toots.
  • Add some configuration including the wilcard_filters option.
  • Remove functionality.

If you like the reply functionality, don't use this version. I didn't want to use it so I removed it. This is primarily for my own purposes, but feel free to make any PR's.

Install/usage guide

(Previously, this spot held the installation guide provided for the original repo. It is no longer accurate, so I'll have to rewrite it at some point maybe.)


Software Downloading statuses Posting Replying
Mastodon Yes Yes Yes
Pleroma Yes Yes No
Misskey Yes No No
diaspora* No No No
Others Probably No No


Configuring mstdn-ebooks is accomplished by editing config.json.

Setting Default Meaning
site The instance your bot will log in to and post from.
cw null The content warning (aka subject) mstdn-ebooks will apply to non-error posts.
instance_blacklist ["", "", ""] If your bot is following someone from a blacklisted instance, it will skip over them and not download their posts. This is useful for ensuring that mstdn-ebooks doesn't download posts from dead instances, without you having to unfollow the user(s) from them.
learn_from_cw false If true, mstdn-ebooks will learn from CW'd posts.
mention_handling 1 0: Never use mentions. 1: Only generate fake mentions in the middle of posts, never at the start. 2: Use mentions as normal (old behavior).
max_thread_length 15 The maximum number of bot posts in a thread before it stops replying. A thread can be 10 or 10000 posts long, but the bot will stop after it has posted max_thread_length times.
strip_paired_punctuation false If true, mstdn-ebooks will remove punctuation that commonly appears in pairs, like " and (). This avoids the issue of posts that open a bracket without closing it.
visibility "unlisted" Determines the visibility of generated posts. Options are “public”, “unlisted” or “private”
toot_length 500 Length in characters of generated toots.
wildcard_filters [ "" ] A list of wildcards compatible with the SQLite LIKE operator which will be used for filtering toots to learn from. Any toot that matches any of these wildcards will not be learned from.